Rental Investment

Switzerland is taking measures to prevent the emergence of "ghost" villages in its picturesque mountains. Many holiday houses remain vacant for most of the year, with their owners only spending 3-4 weeks there annually. Consequently, Switzerland is imposing limitations on new development projects in most ski resorts. This means fewer properties will be constructed, and a percentage of them will be available for purchase by foreigners.

The government aims to stimulate the creation of "hot beds" or "warme Betten" – beds that are occupied throughout the year. To achieve this, more and more new projects are being introduced, where owners purchase apartments but can only use them for a limited number of weeks. During the remaining weeks, the apartments are rented out by tour operators. This approach eliminates the need for foreigners to obtain permits, ensures owners receive a solid return on their investment (thanks to tax deductions and competitive Swiss mortgages), and attracts more tourists to the villages. Most of these developments also feature restaurants, wellness facilities, kids' clubs, and are often centrally located near ski lifts or lakes.

We collaborate closely with several Rental Investment projects to facilitate these opportunities.

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