How we work

1) Personalised Interview

Before we begin searching for your holiday property, we'll conduct a personalized 1.5-hour interview to explore your specific needs for a holiday house.

2) Shortlist

Based on the personalized interview results, we'll search for properties meeting your criteria, visit them, and create a tailored shortlist for you.

3) Shortlist visit 

For clients residing outside Switzerland with limited time to review the shortlist, we offer a personalized house viewing experience, handling all logistics and appointments with local real estate managers. We'll arrange airport transportation upon your arrival and departure in Switzerland.

4) Buying Process

If you're keen on a property from the shortlist, we'll assist you throughout the whole buying process, including negotiation, contracts, permits, paperwork with a local solicitor and handover.

5) Mortgages 

Given the attractive mortgage options in Switzerland, with low interest rates and tax benefits, we can arrange an introduction to local banks for you.

6) Building Process

Purchasing a holiday house from a plan can be challenging, involving issues like coordinating with local builders, sourcing materials for bathrooms, flooring, kitchens, and overseeing the construction process, including addressing any problems. Fortunately, we provide this service, leveraging our supplier network to potentially save you substantial costs, even up to 50%.

All services can be tailored to suit individual requirements

If you want to know more about our services and how we could assist you in buying your holiday house in Switzerland..

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